p.s.a.p. Philosophy - You Can Do It!
By improving their basic sport skills, children and youth will feel more comfortable in physical activity settings and will achieve more personal success.
Positive experiences will lead to feelings of pride, an increased self-concept, and the skills to enhance the quality of their lives through active living.
The long-term goal is to support the development of healthy, active lifestyles; the short-term goal is for children and youth to master their basic sport skills.

Founded in the 1970's by Canadian Olympians: Harry Jerome and Wilf Wedmann.
Funded by the Province of British Columbia, p.s.a.p. has served teachers and communities for over 25 years.
All proceeds are reinvested in the development of physical education, physical activity and sport resources in BC.

Over 1000 schools, 4000 teachers and community instructors and 75,000 children and youth are involved in the Program currently.
More than 1 million participants have received p.s.a.p. skill crests.

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The Harry Jerome Legacy
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