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For more than 30 years the Premier's Sport Awards Program (p.s.a.p.) has provided teachers and community instructors with sport skill development resources to help teach children and youth their basic sport skills. p.s.a.p. supports the development of physical literacy which is the acquiring of skills and confidence allowing individuals to enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities. p.s.a.p.'s Teaching the Basics manuals, posters and crests continue to be unique and popular physical education resources that appeal to generalists and physical education specialists throughout BC and across Canada.

13 Sport Resource Manuals
Sport Skill Poster Sets
Sport Skill Level Crests
Action Pages!

Is p.s.a.p. For You?
Teachers - p.s.a.p. is curriculum friendly and designed for the generalist and physical education specialists.
Recreation Instructors - p.s.a.p. provides basic skill instruction in a fun and positive way which motivates kids to try their best to develop their sport skills.
Volunteer Coaches - parents and coaches of kids will love the easy-to-follow lesson plans, fun drills and activities, and the simplified rules.

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Action Schools! BC

Resource Manuals

The 13 sport specific manuals contain easy-to-follow lesson plans focused on basic skill development, games and activities (see sample). Each manual also includes practical illustrations, skill cues, supplementary activities, mini-rules and unique goal-setting skill assessment challenge corresponding to a series of colourful woven crests (sold separately or FREE for schools in BC).

p.s.a.p. Sports

Badminton Basketball Curling Disc Sports Golf Gymnastics Ice Skating Judo Orienteering Soccer Softball Track & Field Volleyball

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Sport Skill Poster Sets

Illustrated poster sets to assist with skill demonstration and brighten up school or gymnasium walls.

skill crests
Sport Skill Crests

Available for each of the 13 sports. Order separately upon completion of the goal setting Skills Challenge outlined in each Teaching the Basics manual.
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Workshops for teachers, coaches or related groups are available and can be tailored to meet specific needs. The most popular topics include:
hands-on p.s.a.p. sport in-services for orienteering, gymnastics and disc sports
physical activity/physical workshops
increasing the participation of girls and young women in sport and physical activity

Please contact us for more information
These workshops are conducted by the professional team of JW Sporta.

Action Pages! - A Physical Activity, Physical Education & Healthy Eating Resource Guide

Action Pages! is a resource listing hundreds of daily physical activity, physical education, and healthy eating resources from across Canada including published and online resources, in-services and presentations, and support organizations. The resource is arranged by curriculum organizers associated with the PE IRP; resources supporting the Ministry of Education's DPA mandate are indicated with an icon. There is no resource like the Action Pages! produced elsewhere in Canada.

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Action Schools! BC - Promoting Healthy Living

Action Schools! BC is a best practices model designed to assist schools in creating individualized action plans to promote healthy living while achieving curriculum outcomes and supporting the comprehensive school health model.

Action Schools! BC


SportFit is a complete resource that educators may tailor to meet learning outcomes related to health, physical activity and other subjects. It is a free, easy-to-use interactive program that encourages children and youth to discover sports.

The Challenge is made up of eight activity stations measuring physical abilities. Then, students take a short survey about their personal preferences. SportFit then tabulates the sports that may suit them and generates a personalized certificate listing the top three summer and winter sports they would be good at, based on their physical capabilities and personal preferences. Then students may explore these sports - from lessons to historical moments to finding their local clubs and associations - using SportFit's extensive sport resources.