p.s.a.p. Testimonials

"Your sport books are still the best that I have ever seen! Keep up the great work!"

"Thanks very much for providing the incentives to help the kids aim for a goal. I have grade 3-7 students involved, and over the course of the unit, saw a large increase in skills."

"Thank you very much for your promptness and your informative material."

"I really like your lesson plans and drills. The children enjoy setting goals and working to achieve them."

"I work with a group of grade 4-7 students and I am not experienced in basketball. These lessons are simple enough to be very successful! Wonderful!"

"Thanks so much for your p.s.a.p. presentations to our students. We see lots of evidence of the value of the manuals in their subsequent assignments. "

Community Sport Heroes

Long time Premier's Sport Awards Program advocates have been nominated as community heroes. See a list and read their stories at Action Schools! BC